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Google Old School SEO

It seems as of the last big Google Algorithm change, (Caffeine), that Google has gone back to some of the SEO basics…one in particular that was thought to be dead and buried was Keyword Density. I still don’t think it has an extreme amount of importance, but enough that our old friend Keyword Density should be paid attention to.

I first came about this theory, because that’s all this is, is a theory, when the last change started moving things around and I noticed that some of the rank I achieved had slipped…normally I don’t have knee jerk reactions, and I didn’t in this case either, but when the rank didn’t return to the spot that it was in previous to the slip, I started thinking something was up.
(Note to all you knee jerkers: When your rank slips, it’s usually due to a re-indexing or an algorithm change, don’t panic because it normally returns to the spot it was in or higher(hopefully) when the dust has settled)

Sometimes your rank will completely disappear, but this isn’t a cause for alarm. Give it a few days to a week and if it doesn’t return to the spot it was in before or better, then you can start to analyze the problem.

I digress…I noticed when the rank I achieved on a site I was working on slipped to page 2 or 3 and when it didn’t return, I researched the the top 5 sites for the keyword I was targeting…not only did I research that vertical, but others as well to make sure I was on to something. Every industry I looked at all had similar results…I applied it to the site I was working on and when it got re-indexed it was back on page one.

I then applied it to other sites and the same thing happened…please don’t think this is the Holy SEO Grail…it’s not…it’s simply one element that when applied properly falls into line with all the other elements that should already be done properly. What are those elements you ask? That’s a post for another time.

The moral of this story is, DON’T FORGET THE SEO BASICS, they haven’t changed in the 12 plus years that I’ve been doing SEO…they may get altered slightly, but the core never really changes. Don’t be afraid to experiment on your sites…don’t be stupid about it though…if you have an idea, try it out on a sub-page or a page that isn’t ranking well already and see what happens.

Please, please remember to keep in mind, that SEO IS NOT A MAGIC PILL and it doesn’t happen over night…I have lots more to say about that topic and will…next post will fall under the SEO con category.


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