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Turning Off Google Instant

I’ve just turned off Google Instant because it became too annoying. I gave it a fair chance but never clicked on anything it brought up because it was usually wrong. Then this morning, I was searching for something and the next button at the bottom was missing…it was if Google Instant was saying: “We know what you were searching for and if it’s not on this page, then you were wrong!” So I had to click the link next to the search box that allows you to turn it off.
Turn Off Google Instant
You’ll have to search something first in order for that link to show up because it’s not on the homepage.

Really, has Google Instant improved anything? Has it improved the user experience at all? To this I say NO! What it has improved, is Google’s chance to to direct you to websites that they want you to buy from! I’m not saying that this is what’s going on, but how many of you haven’t already thought that!!?? It makes perfect sense.

Yahoo has Search Submit Pro which delivers paid results in the organic results, which to me is totally screwed…and now that Yahoo and Bing are in bed together, it’s perfect timing for Google to roll out their version of "Search Submit Pro"…again this is all conspiracy theory and I doubt is what is really happening.

It’s also really funny that so many agencies and "SEO" people have used Google Instant to instill fear in people in order to get more business. This is much like the way George Bush instilled fear in the American public in order to get what he wanted while he was "President"

They would use headlines in their posts and emails blasts like: "What Does Google Instant Mean To Your Online Business?", or "What You Need to Know About Google Instant In Order To Protect Your Search Engine Ranking"…it’s all BS, because no matter what, people are going to search how they search and the same results are going come up…it may be more important to be on page one now, but I think that’s it…and really what this is doing is affecting the attention span of the user, as if ADD hasn’t increased enough since the internet has been around…now it’ll be worse…that’s it, now I see what’s happening!! Google has teamed up with the pharmaceutical companies that make Ritalin! That’s the key to their world domination! They’ll turn the human population into a bunch robots and get even more rich in the process by having a stake in the pharmaceutical industry!!

All kidding aside, don’t be alarmed by Google Instant…if you’re doing to the right things now, just keep doing them. If you’re doing things that are outdated and borderline black hat, this may be the time to join the side of good and to stop reading outdated articles and listening to the many so called "SEO Experts" who have recently popped up ever since SEO has become in "vogue", and if Google Instant becomes too annoying, simply turn it off!


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I just came back from the SEMPO LA meeting at Google in Santa Monica…it’s a pretty cool building, I love the surfboards they have in the lobby behind the front desk…the meeting took place in the engineering building. I want that Google Surfboard in the lobby! There were also a couple other classics, like a Mark Richards Twin fin, Al Merrick and a board by Pro Surf.

They had a prize giveaway and I won! They gave away 3 sets of Google Bose headphones. They’re pretty cool and they came in a cool Google case.


The meeting was cool, they had a live stream from the Google office in San Francisco where all the presenters were. The 3 main presenters were from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. They could see us and we could see them.

If you’d like to join the SEMPO LA group, their Facebook page is here: SEMPO LA Facebook, you’ll find out when the meetings are if you join. A bit of advice, when you join and they announce the meetings, RSVP right away because the group is growing and the meetings fill up very quickly. It’s A great way to network and meet people in the industry and if you own a business that needs online marketing help, it’d be a great way to meet someone who can help you.


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Happy Birthday OneArmedSEO

Looks like we’re celebrating birthdays this month. just passed its 2nd birthday September 10th, 2010. Time flies when you’re having fun!! We’re in our terrible two’s now…let’s see what kind of havoc we can create in the SEO world!

It all happened on September 10th 2008 (Imagine TV flash back sequence here), I got to work early, 7 AM, as usual, because I’m that type of guy, and my boss was in early too, which is unusual, because he would normally stroll in about 9. He walked up to my desk and ask if he could speak with me, I said sure, knowing full well that something was up. We walked past his office and went into the HR boss’ office…right then I knew I was getting the ax! To tell you the truth, I didn’t care because I had been thinking about leaving anyway.

So, they gave me their song and dance about how they were doing budget cuts or something like that…I really wasn’t listening…you get to a point in your life when you stop listening to people the second the BS starts to drip out of their mouths!

So they gave me a pretty good severance and I hit the bricks…hahaha, they even had one of the other HR people escort me down to my car because they didn’t want me to tell other people they were doing layoffs that day…the HR person that was escorting me down said “she knew nothing about it”…more BS…

Anyway, at that point, OneArmedSEO was born, swarn to uphold decency, white hat-ism, truth, justice and the no BS way! hahaha.

We are SEO Crusaders! What this means is that when we see any SEO BS being slung, we will always call the person/agency/"SEO Expert" on what ever it is they’re trying to sell!!

With over 12 years of White Hat SEO Expert experience, OneArmedSEO is the No BS SEO Expert for you!



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Happy Birthday Google?

So when is Google’s Birthday? They’re going with September 27th…but apparently there are different dates you could go by, like when the incorporated, September 7th, when they registered their domain name, September 15th, but over the years they’ve randomly celebrated on September 27th, but chose that date to the expansion of the index size.
This taken from the Google blog:

We wanted something special for our birthday…
9/26/2005 09:14:00 PM
Posted by Anna Patterson, Software Engineer

Google opened its doors in September 1998, and we’ve been pursuing one mission ever since: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. For our seventh birthday, we are giving you a newly expanded web search index that is 1,000 times the size of our original index.

I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished in the years since Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up the first Google data center in Larry’s dorm room at Stanford. Today, along with web search based on Larry and Sergey’s original BackRub search engine, we offer specialized search for everything from satellite images to academic papers, local business info to your own computer. We’ve also built software for email and mobile services, photo management and computer-to-computer voice calling, to name just a few things.

But search remains our heart and soul, so I’m especially pleased by this latest expansion of our index, which makes Google more than 3 times larger than any other search engine. See for yourself how effective the new Google search index can be. Come up with a search query that’s special to you (your name, your elementary school, and your favorite animal, for example) – a combination of words that is likely to exist on just a few web pages out of the billions we’ve indexed, a few needles scattered in the Internet’s endless haystack. Ready? Let’s go.


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Google Instant Is Here

9-10-10 Update on Google Instant: I just noticed that you can shut Google Instant off if you think it to be too annoying like that Google logo they had a few days ago that spun around and moved whenever you moved your cursor through it.
Anyway, after you’ve searched something in Google, you’ll notice to the right of the Google logo on the results page there’s a little link that says: "Instant is on", simply click that and select Off (press Enter to search)…that last bit is pretty funny…it’s as if they’re trying to make it sound so laborious…Oh My God, I have to press enter to search…that sucks! hahahaha!!!
Original Post Starts Below:
Google Instant has been rolled out. Some of you have probably noticed that when you type a query in Google, it now gives you instant results and they change with every word you type in.
I was checking rank for a keyword for a client I had just run a rank report for to make sure that it was accurate before telling the client, because it popped 20 spots from page 3 in Google to page 1 to the number 5 spot (the top 5 is the new top 10) :) , the phrase I was checking started with San Diego and as soon as I typed in San, it assumed I was going to type in Diego for the rest of the query and Google Instant immediately brought up Google Maps in the OneBox, and then as I typed the rest, different results started coming up.

For those of you who don’t know what the OneBox is, it’s the box at the top of Google’s organic results, that will either show a map, or movie times, airline reservations and things like that. The most common is Google maps…the others will show up once in a while depending on your query. I just typed in movie times and this showed up, notice it gives you the most current movies and ratings:
Google OneBox
I also noticed, this may or may not be new, that when you type in the search box, not only do the suggestions drop down (this is old), but the first suggestion appears in gray…not the whole thing, but the unfinished part of what you’re typing.

EXAMPLE: I started typing Google and the first suggestion was Google Maps, but even before I finished the word Google, the rest was grayed out so it looked like this: Google Maps (not that this has anything to do with anything, I just never noticed it before).

I also noticed that the paid search results started changing as well…I wonder what types of problems this will cause if any. Are impressions for paid ads going to have false numbers now? I sent a message to a friend of mine who’s a paid search expert…we’ll see what he has to say.

Google Instant, another step in Google’s efforts to bring you the most relevant results the fastest on their quest for world domination!


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