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How I became an SEO Expert, SEO Analyst, SEO Guru, or SEO Specialist...whatever you want to call it they're all pretty much the same...maybe each signifies a different level of on...

Why One Armed SEO? I was in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago that left my right arm paralyzed. I started out as a web designer and clients would ask how they could get ranked in search engines...I had no I started looking at what sites were doing that showed at the top of the results pages started copying, reading and experimenting and started getting results. Another reason was a teacher in college had given an was a scavenger hunt, we had to find a boat load of items on the internet...I became fascinated with Search! That's when it really started.

For 10 years I have been implementing white hat SEO techniques for long term organic SEO results. Nobody can guarantee getting a site to #1...unless they're pulling a scam and not telling you that they meant #1 in paid results. My goal is to get you on page # 1!

I will never feed you any B.S. and explain to you thoroughly the entire SEO Process. Please send any questions you have, by filling out the form on my SEO Contact page. I'm always happy to give advice to the un-knowing...there are too many out there calling themselves SEO Experts.

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