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Below is the beginning of the SEO Advice list. I've listed things that I've found to be useful over the years.

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  • Sitemap & SEO - Don't create a sitemap until your site is completely optimized, otherwise you'll be creating a roadmap of optimization errors on your site.
  • Don't Take What The Search Engine Techies Say Literally - They're not allowed to tell you yes or no on questions reagarding their algorythm, so they'll answer indirectly. You have to read between the lines.
  • Do Not Use PDFs As Web Pages - This is very annoying when there's no warning that the page is a PDF. They take too long to load and people may have to install it on their machine. In both cases, you're likely to lose a customer. They're fine if you have them as a downloadable e-book or form.
  • Make sure Image Tags Have ALT Attributes - That's right ALT ATTRIBUTE, it's not a tag, it's an attribute of the image tag. Anyway, this is for accessibility, Google checks for accessibility issues. If you don't have an ALT ATTRIBUTE in your image tags, people using screen readers will have the url to the image read to them. That doesn't mean stuff them with keywords, better to leave them blank than do that.
  • CSS and JavaScript - Be sure to externalize all CSS and Javascripts in order to keep your code clean. Clean code = Easy to crawl.

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