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In this part of the SEO Seminar, we'll explain website architecture, also known as an seo directory structure. URL structures will also be covered. You can download the SEO mp3 also, but it doesn't cover everything that will be on the site. It also has some affiliate and joint venture information that you may find useful.

Website Architecture

Proper website architecture is kind of like an apartment building. You have your address, which is your domain name, your apartment building, which is your website and the apartments are the different sections of your website. This makes up your seo directory structure.

Each apartment or section of the website has a name, we'll call our apartment building The SEO Palms; it's a 4 unit building just like the image shown on the seo directory structure page. Within each apartment/directory there are rooms; your webpages. Each directory should have a minimum of 5 pages including the index page. For those of you who don't know, you should always have an index page in each directory because it's the first thing search engines look for; also it's the first thing a browser looks for when pointed to a directory. If you don't have an index page, it'll just show as a list of files when you go to that directory with your browser.
Continued on Website Architecture.

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