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Most of the tips I'll be giving might seem small and insignificant, that's because they are! hahaha!! No, they're not really but each one by themselves will not make or brake a site, but put them all together and you're creating a solid SEO Foundation. You'll be building an SEO foundation that will support your website over time. I've been doing all of the these ‘little things’ from the beginning and they never have gone "out of style" fact, some have become more important over the years.
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  • Internal Links, Absolute or Relevant URLs? - Use absolute urls for all internal links. Normally I would say relevant links are ok if you're linking to another page within the same directory, and absolute for any links pointing outside the directory you're linking from. Since scrapers have come along, I recommend using all absolute urls, and this makes total sense, it's so if your content is ever harvested by scraper sites, they'll be providing a link back to your site.
  • WHOIS Info - Keeping the Owner/Admin info for your domain in Whois helps with SEO. The longer it stays the same, the more "maturity" the site gets, and if you choose to have that information private, Search Engines possibly think you're hiding something. Once the Owner/Admin info changes, Google treats your site as brand back in the "sandbox" for you. A good reason not to buy older domains! If you think you'll maintain the maturity of the domain, think again.

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