URL Structures For SEO

URL Structures can be thought of as the the apartment numbers in the apartment building example that was given on the website architecture page. Think of them as a directory that you might find in the lobby of an apartment building. "You Are Here *".

One of the reasons SEO should be considered at the very beginning of a website is so can figure out the best seo url structure possible. You don't have an SEO friendly url if you have a bunch of parameters after the domain like question marks, and all kinds of other junk. Any non-seo friendly url can be changed by doing a url rewrite.

URL Rewrites can be done several ways and will change a url that looks like this: http://www.website.com/Patio-Garden/b/ref=nav_t_spc_8_0/175-3889369-8489440?ie=UTF8&node=1038618 to a url that is much more seo friendly and user friendly to this: http://www.website.com/Patio-Garden/. Now you have a good url structure to go along with your seo directory structure.

It's the same as having sloppy and extraneous code in your pages...search engine spiders hate having to wade through unnecessary code and will leave your site before they get through it, thus making it take longer to get ranked. If you had to read through a book that made absolutely no sense, wouldn't you just put it down and leave?

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