Website Architecture

Each of the four directories are going to be categorized differently or will be "SEO themed", just as if it were an apartment building, each apartment will be different and themed according to the occupants personality. To repeat, each directory should have at least 5 pages including your index page. They should all be unique and relevant to the topic or theme of that particular directory.

The uniqueness shouldn't just be within the body content, but also in your title tags, meta description tags, meta keywords tags and heading tags. Having unique content not only helps with search engines, but also increases the chance of someone else linking to it.

A lot of this is basically an SEO beginners guide, but there maybe some tiny thing that the more advanced SEO's forgot about or never thought of...I always pick something when I read or attend SEO seminars.

Within the code of your webpages or rooms, there is also a structure you should adhere to as well. When a search engine spider crawls your site, the first thing you want it to see is the title tag so it knows how to categorize that particular webpage; hopefully to your SEO Theme. Then you want it to see the meta description tag so it further can understand the theme and then the meta keywords tag, meta tags are another subject...

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