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The site is going to be redone soon...there's so much that needs to be the mean time check out these useful SEO tools and other tools below:

  • Isapi Rewrite - This page shows you how to do 301 redirects on a Windows Server like you would on an Apache server.
  • Twitter Tools - section that lists all kinds of sites that hopefully will help your Twitter Marketing and your social media marketing for SEO.
  • Character Counter - I use the character counter when writing titles and meta tags to insure that I have the correct amount in each and I got tired of opening Word and using it's character count feature when optimizing web pages. I have this on my bookmark toolbar because I use it so much.
  • Hexmap - You should always use proper html color codes in your styles instead of using the word for the color. Clean code is one of the "little things" that help build a solid SEO foundation.

I'll be continually adding useful SEO tools to this section. They'll be tools that I use myself. One of the coolest things for me is finding Free Optimization tools online. Online optimization has become an important part of succeeding online and transference of knowledge is key! If you have any suggestions for tools...send a message and I'll try to add them...and feel free to link to any one of them.


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