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Twitter Tools seem to be a necessity for online least today it is. Who knows what the next "Great Social Media Phenom" will be. Below is a list of Twitter Tools that may help in your ‘Tweeting’. Hopefully you’ll find Twitter related websites here that will help teach you how to Twitter, make using Twitter easier for your Tweeting pleasure. They're in no particular order, I add them as I find them. Kind of cool how one idea can create an entire industry...Happy Tweeting!
OneArmedSEO does not endorse any of these sites, they’re listed here as a convenience. The descriptions for each were taken from the sites themselves, although I do use’s like TweeDeck only it’s web-based so you don’t have to install more junk on your machine.
If you want to add the retweet code to your site, I've created a page showing how to do it. People will just have to click the link you add to your site and it will fill in the tweet box when they log into their account. Go here for the Please Retweet it code


  • - This shows you 100 of your Twitter followers at a time...I guess if you really want to see what all of them are Tweeting about, this a good tool.

  • - Free Twitter yellow and white pages directory.

  • - Grade your Twitter Rank against other Twitter users. This tool should prove popular for the people who use Twitter as a popularity content. hahaha

  • - Allows you to track Retweets across Twitter.

  • - Create your own Twitter Background.

  • - This site shows you "What's happening right now on Twitter".

  • - This blog actually explains what the #@!! hash-tags are used for. Sorry for the shortened url, but it was long. Here's the blog you can find the article on:

  • - A desktop client for Twitter, similar to Tweedeck.

  • - A desktop client for Twitter, similar to Twhirl. hahaha

  • - A free Twitter directory run by WebPro News. This one shows your Tweets and allows you to view and reply right from the site.

  • Twitt(url) - Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.

  • - TweetMeme finds the hottest stories from twitter. Videos, Images, Blogs and lots more.

  • - Tweepz is a search engine which helps you find and discover interesting people on twitter.

  • - A totally free way to find new Twitter followers with similar interests.

  • - Twitter Text Commands. Some of these are pretty cool, like the "whois command".

  • - Learning Twitter and "The Golden Rules".

  • - A user powered Twitter Directory.

  • - A powerful Twitter application that helps you increase your productivity. (HAHAHA, That's kind of an oxymoron isn't it? :)

  • - Twitter Buttons offers unique and free twitter button for your blogs, websites, and online profiles.

  • - The Ultimate Twitter Statistics Provider!

  • - Twittley is a place to find and submit new stuff,and share it trough Twitter network!

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