OneArmedSEO has been in the SEO field for 11 years and has seen a lot of scams and con artists, like the commercials you see on TV saying "Just go to this website and you'll be on your way to internet millions.", or the one with the fox...hahaha, they're pretty funny, but also sad because a lot of people buy into it.

SEO is the same way, there are too many people out there that read a couple articles and call themselves experts, they talk big, take your money and produce nothing! Beware of anyone "guaranteeing you page 1 in Google or any other search engine."

There are a lot of little factors that go into SEO that make it difficult to breakdown in a step by step process. There are basic steps that you should look at first that will help, but then the adjusting everything is another story.

What will be attempted here is to show you absolute SEO for beginners. With tutorials, seo guides, and "seo tips", that's a nice buzz word. SEO tools are an important part of Search Engine Optimization, I started adding Free SEO Tools to the site. It will continually be updated.

I just uploaded a couple pages that covers content from the SEO Seminar I had the luck to be part of. I covered Website Architecture and what an Seo Directory Structure should look like.


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